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MANUAL is New Zealand’s leading skateboard and snowboard culture magazine, featuring national and international coverage of skateboarding, snowboarding, music and art. Renowned for its stunning photography and innovative art direction, MANUAL is a must-read for discerning skateboard and snowboard fans and graphic design lovers alike.

Since its inception in 1997, MANUAL has been a go-to for skateboarders and snowboarders of all ages and styles, providing an unbiased look at the lives and times of skateboarders and snowboarders in Aotearoa and abroad. Typically packed with interviews with upcoming talent and industry icons, team road trips, event coverage, eye-catching photography and plenty more besides.

In the MANUAL Magazine's shop you'll find t-shirts and hoodies featuring prints by our favourite artists, cool books, DVDs, and - of course - magazines. We'll be adding new stuff all the time, along with special limited-edition goodies that you'll have to be quick to get your paws on.

Our aim when starting MANUAL was to make a beautifully designed, high-quality magazine that features the best photography and writing New Zealand had to offer. We carry these values through to MANUAL Magazine's shop: we only stock items that we'd want to buy, and are proud to support local artists and designers.

First Floor Publishing Ltd is the company behind MANUAL. It's a small independent company with offices on the Ground Floor in Wellington, New Zealand. Go figure?! When we're not messing with couriers' minds, we're making other magazines: We also publish the innovative SPOKE Magazine, a mountain biking journal for people who love to ride. SPOKE provides an unbiased look at the lives and times of mountain bikers in Aotearoa and abroad. 

First Floor Publishing was formed by Emma Gee, David Read and Caleb Smith in 2001 to be a collective home for our magazines. We've been connecting with our readers and shoppers through our websites and online shops since 2006.

David Read, co-founder, Director and Online Manager. Email David.
Jake Mein, Shop Admin and Support. Email Jake.

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